Tigran  Arakelyn joined PTCO in 2017. He received a Doctorate in Musical Arts in conducting from the University of Washington in 2016. His primary conducting studies were with Ludovic Morlot, David Alexander Rahbee and John Roscigno. He has been instrumental in initiating collaborations with soloists, visual artists, dancers, and choirs. Maestro Arakelyan has helped create youth scholarship programs and young composer competitions.

“I believe that it is the conductor’s duty to communicate with the audience throughout the concert to make it an enjoyable and a learning experience for everyone involved. I believe in building communities through music, involving and inspiring the community through the orchestral experience. An orchestra is an integral part of the community and should work as such through collaborations. The goal of a symphony orchestra should include, providing education for the community through a variety of projects. This can be done through concerts but most importantly through collaborations. Collaborations with local artists, choirs, dance companies, museums, galleries, theaters, community and professional arts organizations are vital for the growth of a symphony orchestra.”

Visit his website: www.TigranArakelyan.com